The Kids Kula | Yoga for kids in Kansas City

Private classes

You can schedule a private class for an individual or a group.  I may specialize in children’s yoga but I love teaching adults as well. A one-on-one private class can really benefit a child  with unique needs. Also, groups such as a Girl Scout troop, a sports team, home school group, teachers and friends can book a private group class to ensure an even more comfortable environment.  If you are interested, please email me so we can discuss further.

Public classes

KC Yoga Center is happy to have kids yoga classes back at the Zona Rosa studio. Monthly classes are held for each age group, classes are on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. Kids will participate in age appropriate movements, games, breathing exercises, mindfulness activities and relaxation techniques.  Each class is 45 minutes long and divided up by ages to ensure kids get the most out of their yoga experience. Arrive a few minutes early to get setup and parents are welcome to stay and watch.

2nd Tuesdays

5:00-5:45   3-6 year olds  $10/class

4th Tuesdays

5:00-5:45   7-10 year olds   $10/class

Class Descriptions:

3-6 year olds This is an introduction class into movement and body awareness.  Their bodies are growing rapidly at this age and they are excited to be able to do more and more each day.  Class will address the need to move in a safe, mindful way while allowing children the chance to express themselves through their imagination.  Kids must be potty trained, no pull-ups or diapers.

7-10 year olds This class will be begin to increase strength.  We will build strength in our core, arms, legs and backs in fun and engaging ways.  We will play games that require mindfulness and self-control all the while making yoga a fun and enjoyable way to get some exercise. Kids must be able to stay on their mats.

11-13 year olds  This class will help bridge the gap between play based kids classes and adult classes.  This class will offer kids techniques for self regulating emotions, using yoga to destress, and bring back a sense of balance during a big time in development.  We will use our breath to reconnect ourselves to our minds and bodies.


Special Events

Hello everyone.  

I’d like to invite you to join me in virtual classes for the time being.  Even though we can’t meet in the studio or at your school, we can still do yoga together.  My goal is to provide you with videos each week we are all at home.  

I am sending the videos separately and not in one big class because I want you to easily use the different parts of our normal classes whenever you need them.  For example, if you are feeling upset then I want you to use a Breathing and Relaxation video right away and not have to try to find where it is in a big, long video.  

Or maybe you have lots of energy and you want something fun to do.  Well then, you’ll look for the Yoga Activities video.  

And maybe each morning before you start your work, you will take about 10 minutes and do your Mula Moves video which really gets the brain ready for the day.

How ever you choose to view the videos just remember that they are here for you when you need them.  Use the videos, enjoy the videos and stay safe. Who knows, it may be fun to call some friends and you can all do yoga together at your own houses 🙂

Week 1 – Mula Moves

Week 1 – Yoga Activities

Week 1 – Breathing & Relaxation

Week 2 – Mula Moves

Week 2 – Yoga Activities

Week 2 – Breathing & Relaxation

Week 3 – Mula moves

Week 3 – Yoga Activities

Week 3 – Breathing & Relaxation

Week 4 – Mula Moves

Week 4 – Yoga Activities

Week 4 – Breathing & Relaxation

Fostering Happiness Friday

 My heart lies with one of the most vulnerable and often forgotten groups of humans, children in foster care.  If you are a Case Worker who would like to invite some of your children to try a yoga class, please contact me.  I’d love to open the studio to your kids for an hour at no charge to the families.

 You & Me.

 A special event for young ladies and mom/stepmom/big sis/aunt to come together and set a strong foundation of health for the early years of womanhood.

 We will build upon the knowledge your young lady already has about becoming a woman, regardless if she has started her period or not.

 We will practice yoga, use sandbags, talk about nutrition and the use of essential oils.  There is no previous yoga experiences needed. All we need is the two of you in comfy clothes and we have the rest.

 Join us for this workshop.  Register by emailing

Cost: $40/pair

When: Summer and Fall 2020

Where: KC Yoga Center in Zona Rosa